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Services offered include the following:

Grass Cutting – inclusive of preparing lawns for all round yearly support, with Autumn lawn dressing. Lawn edgings, feeding, rolling, spiking and mowing. Mowers for rough ground with raised spinner cutters and traditional mowers with weighted rear rollers.

Hedge Cutting – from small ornamental hedges, requiring the use of traditional hand held shears to the larger hedges requiring the use of extended armed petrol driven hedge cutters.

Sleeper Work – we can now supply and install green sleepers for raised beds, vegetable plots as well as for pathways and steps.

Pruning – from a quick trim to full blown shaping of Trees, Shrubs, Climbers and Roses.

Fruit Trees – preparation and planting of specialist fruit trees such as Espalier, Fan and Cordon. Apples, Pears , Figs, Peach and Cherry.

Wildflower Garden – preparation and laying of either seed or turf of Wildflower Gardens.

General Maintenance – from garden tidy ups to full ground clearance, leaf sweeping, weed control, borders and ditches cleared and full design in composting in the garden. Preparation of new Vegetable plots and Fruit cages as well.

Materials – Multi-purpose compost, Ericaceous compost, Farm Yard Manure, Top Soil and Bark. Fence posts, Fence Panels, Trellis Sections and Sleepers.

Seasonal Supplies – Water Butts with diverters for rain collection, Salt and Grit for driveways and paths, Hoses for Sprinklers, Dribble Hoses and Flat Hoses for borders and fruit/vegetable plots.

Plant Deliveries – Once your order has been received and processed, plants will be collected from the wholesaler and held in stock, until a delivery date is agreed with the customer and then delivered by our own transport.

Garden Adviceemail your garden problems to us, we’re here to help!

More details can be found on our About Us page, as well.

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